KPS Tuck Shop

We have a Tuck Shop in school which operates every day during break time.

Children can bring money to purchase snacks to enjoy at morning break. We continue to extend the range of snacks on offer to children and are offering healthy options wherever possible.

Items and prices are as follows:

Walkers Baked Crisps - 70p  

Walkers Lite Crisps - 40p

Quavers - 40p

Water - 20p

Flavoured Aqua Cups - 30p

Pure Apple/ Orange - 30p


Bits & Bobs Shop

Two of our Primary 6 pupils, Ola Koza and Imogen Cormack, run a stationary shop to encourage pupils to be prepared for learning every day. They are currently selling stationary items and will build on this as the session progresses. The girls are already doing an excellent job and are extremely reliable and responsible.

Items and prices are as follows:

Pencils - 10p Rubbers - 10p Rulers - 20pSharpeners - 10p